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Blue Meanie

Blue Meanie

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Origin: Blue Meanie psilocybe cubensis originated in Australia. It reproduces quickly, which makes it an abundant and popular shroom.

Potency: Blue Meanie is a potent strain of the species but not nearly as strong as a similarly named shroom from the psilocybe cyanescens species, which are far too powerful for most people. 

Effects: People consistently rate Blue Meanie highly for its powerful mind and body high, resulting in mood enhancement, visual stimulation, and physical energy.


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What Does Blue Meanie Look Like?

Blue Meanie gets its name from the blue bruises that form on the shroom’s body when it suffers a blow. Its natural color is caramel or tan. It has white speckles on its cap and a thick, dense stem.


What Are the Benefits of Blue Meanie?

Blue Meanie contains rich amounts of psilocin and psilocybin, making it more potent and psychedelic than other psilocybe cubensis strains. These shrooms are known for their hallucinogenic properties. People have reported having powerful visual experiences during the high, which typically features spectacular light and color displays. 

Other Blue Meanie benefits include:

  • Decreased depression and anxiety
  • Improved neuroplasticity, which expands the brain’s ability to learn and grow
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Help for treating cluster headaches
  • Assistance in treating addiction issues


What Are the Effects of Blue Meanie?

Within 30 minutes of eating Blue Meanie magic mushrooms, you’ll begin feeling a sense of euphoria. The initial stages of the high might make you feel energetic and eager to socialize. Depending on the dosage, you’ll begin to experience mild to intense mind-altering hallucinations one to three hours into the trip.

Like most shrooms, Blue Meanie causes “the mushroom yawns,” which increase as the high peaks. However, Blue Meanie won’t leave you tired. It energizes your body while providing mind-blowing visual displays of light and color. Some users experience time distortion and a Dali-esque sensation that everything is melting.

The high can last from four to eight hours. You might not be aware of how much energy you’re using during the trip, so it’s important to stay hydrated. If you feel nauseated during the high, try sipping honey ginger tea. 

Because of its potency, novice shroomers should steer clear of Blue Meanie. More experienced users should start with a low dose of under 1 gram to gauge its effects. If you consume too much Blue Meanie, you might experience anxiety, panic, and paranoia.


  1. My intake is usually up to a gram and i found these to be a bit better than the golden teachers or simular.

  2. Such a great buzz. Nice 4-5 hour trip. Will definitely buy again. Great bang for your money.

  3. More headache relief/head buzz than others, and can use a smaller amount. I microdose, and 0.3g of these feels roughly equivalent (and better feeling tbh) than 0.6g of golden teachers

  4. Strong and perfect. I love it!

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