Blue Unicorn

Blue Unicorn

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The Blue Unicorn Strain, also commonly referred to as “Blunicorn”, is a hybrid marijuana strain. It is the product of two different strains: Unicorn Poop and Blue Sherbet. With a THC level of up to 20%, it offers a high yield amount with a flowering time of 9 to 11 weeks. It is a great choice for those looking for a nice and relaxing effect without the straight knockout.

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What Does Blue Unicorn Look Like? 

This hybrid strain produces buds that feature yellow and dense buds with hints of purple. These specks of colors shine through its green flowers along with the light frosty coating and amber pistils. 

Don’t let the beauty of this strain fool you, though. It can pack quite a punch, although most of its users prefer it for a wind-down smoke. It also has a very distinctive smell to it. The smell can be characterized as a deep yet savory funk. However, it is complemented by that berry sweetness that you get to enjoy at the end. 

Just as unique as the smell is the flavor of this strain. It is light and flavorful; notes of citrus and earthen flavors come through. 

What Are The Benefits of Blue Unicorn? 

There are several beneficial effects from the Blue Unicorn strain. According to smokers, this experience is nothing short of magical. It lets you enter a euphoric state mentally and physically. While there is a possibility of a mind fog, you can still function quite well. 

The benefits of the Blue Unicorn Strain include increased cerebral stimulation that is great to enhance social skills. The ability to enjoy a sense of euphoria is great for providing relief for those suffering from anxiety and depression. 

What Are The Effects of Blue Unicorn? 

Blue Unicorn strain definitely packs a good punch. Some of the users who have tried it report experiencing a good high while others claim that it provided them with a burst of fuel and energy. 

However, many of the users of Blue Unicorn prefer it as a wind-down smoke because of its relaxing effects. While it does help you relax, it does so in such a way that you can still function. It does not hit you with a straight knockout so you can still keep a clear mind and awareness. It is perfect to relax before a long drive; just make sure you’re not the one behind the wheel. 


  1. would grade myself a mid tier smoker, so it was very potent but not too strong for me

  2. Excellent quality, buds are trimmed very well and are very nice, with great taste!

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