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Chocolope, also known as Chocolope Haze, is a Sativa with a bold flavour profile. With hints of coffee, this cross between Cannalope Haze and Chocolate Thai is sure to put an extra bounce in your step. As the name suggests, intense notes of chocolate also flourish from this flower, settling into what some might call a mocha touch.

The team at DNA Genetics is responsible for the Chocolope strain. It serves a fitting legacy to the legend of its parent strains, earning accolades from the prestigious Cannabis Cup.

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The Story of the Chocolope Strain

The 1980s saw a multitude of experimentation in almost every way, and the cannabis industry was no exception. Strains of marijuana with deep chocolate notes began to emerge. One of the most popular breeds of that new generation was known as Chocolate Thai.

As with many fads from the days of yore, chocolate strains of cannabis appeared less and less as time passed. The Chocolope strain pays tribute to the lost strains of this era, combining the well-received Chocolate Thai with the fruity Cannalope strain.

Chocolope satisfies with a burst of energy that you expect from a Sativa but packs an extra punch. Pack up a bud of Chocolope for use at any point in your day. You’ll feel like you just downed your morning cup of joe.  


What Are the Benefits of the Chocolope Strain?

The Chocolope strain offers many a multitude of benefits. Along with the extra boost of energy, enjoying Chocolope can also help to lift the fog of depression in some users. Others have reported feeling uplifted in spirit, noting an enveloping sense of euphoria. 

Once-hidden creative potential will also begin to fill you. You might feel the urge to express yourself through art or music. Feel your stress melt away like a chocolate bar on a warm summer day. Those who suffer from anxiety may also find relief with the Chocolope strain.

The energizing aspects that come along with Chocolope Haze obliterate fatigue. After consuming this strain, previously dormant energy will flow from you. Recharging with a chocolate strain will quickly become part of your routine.


What Are the Effects of the Chocolope Strain?

While the Chocolope strain has many benefits, as with all strains, some users may exhibit some side effects. Dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, paranoia, and anxiousness affect a small number of users. It is important to understand how your body handles different strains and to manage your dosage accordingly.

Besides a small sample who have experienced adverse side effects, the effects experienced with Chocolope are overwhelmingly positive. People seek Chocolope for its ability to manage appetite, unlock creativity, and encourage focus.


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  1. Love this stuff!! Great chocolate flavour, especially can taste it by following a drink right after a puff! Zoned right in to whatever you’re doing!

  2. Loved it! Thick dark chocolate while enjoying a cup of coffee. Great for post tobogganing activities!

  3. Great strain that really helps me with my depression. Would most definitely purchase this again

  4. Perfect for day smoking, delicious and smooth. Love having this when I wake and bake.

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