Tom Ford (AAAA)


Tom Ford strain, also known as Tom Ford Pink Krush or TFPK, is an Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana with only 20% Sativa. With an average THC level of 23% to 25%, Tom Ford strain produces a potent high that results in a state of deeply relaxed euphoria. Named after one of the most recognized names in upscale fashion, Tom Ford is a highly-coveted and hard-to-find strain.

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Story of Tom Ford Strain

The origins of Tom Ford strain are shrouded in mystery, which contributes to its exotic appeal. This luxurious strain also has a unique taste that’s both earthy and sweet. For the best experience, use a wooden pipe to enjoy this weed’s deep forest taste notes fully.

This rare strain is a top choice for those lucky enough to find it. It receives almost exclusively 5-star ratings on weed-review sites. Customers love it for its complex high that starts with a heady euphoria and transitions into a deep mind and body relaxation.

What Are the Benefits of Tom Ford Strain?

After your first hits of Tom Ford strain, you will likely experience a strong mind high that leaves you feeling jubilant and mentally stimulated. Those feelings will mellow into a calm, dreamy body high that makes you feel drowsy and at peace with the world.

The initial high eases stress and depression, allowing you to erase the worries cluttering your head. Once its tranquilizing effects kick in, it will fill you with an overwhelming sense of calm and relaxation that will lead to a deep slumber. Tom Ford strain is a top choice for medical marijuana users because it is a powerful tool in combating insomnia and chronic pain. 

What are the Effects of Tom Ford Strain?

The effects of Tom Ford strain can vary among users. Most people report overwhelmingly positive effects, though there are some drawbacks.

Positive effects

  • Provides a long-lasting high
  • Eases stress and anxiety
  • Lifts mood and relieves depression
  • Combats chronic pain symptoms
  • Induces sleep and relaxation
  • Improves appetite
  • Relieves headaches and nausea

Negative effects

  • Can cause dry mouth and dry eyes
  • Frequently leads to the munchies

Tom Ford strain is extremely potent, so it’s recommended only for experienced weed users. Knowing your limits is important to enjoy a Tom Ford high properly. Novices might take one too many hits, which can lead to restlessness and paranoia.


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