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Customer Reviews

  • Chocolate Shroomicorns by Mastermind – 1000mg

    Took these to whistler for my birthday..had the best time, so chill. Clean high.

  • Penis Envy

    Really liked this strain, it kicked in slow but steady and felt amazing

  • Weed Gummy 120mg THC by MOTA – Grape

    Love the grape. Keep in stock plzzzzz

  • Daddy Long Legs

    I enjoy the high of this strain the best. Especially when micro dosing. 💕

  • Mexicana

    Bought these for the first time from this website and am I ever glad i did! I hadn’t heard of this strain before so i
    I gave it a try and I was quite surprised. I took 1g and had a beautiful color enhancement and a feeling of connectiveness I would expect from 2g of other shrooms. I cant think of a bad thing to say about these, the potency is great and it shipped real quick

  • Daddy Long Legs

    I micro dosed it. No hangover at all. Maybe a little shorter in duration than some others I have tried but not weak by any means.


Buy Shrooms Online

Shroombudz is the best place to buy shrooms online in Canada. Whether you’re new to shrooms or an experienced user, our highly skilled team members can help you find the right dosage and strain. We aim to make ordering shrooms online as easy and discreet for our customers as possible. 

Why Shop with Shroombudz?

Buying edible shrooms, also called magic mushrooms, in Canada, through Shroombudz online makes the experience easy and convenient. You know you are getting a quality product every time and that it will be delivered discreetly. 

Browse our impressive collection, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. We aim to be your go-to resource for all things shroom- and cannabis-related.

How to Dose with Shrooms

Whether you’re looking for a mental getaway from reality or to decrease anxiety, shrooms can be an incredible asset. You want to pay attention to the recommended dosage to make sure you achieve the desired effects.  Check out our feature article to learn how to get started.