Magic Mushroom Chocolates

Magic mushroom chocolates are a tasty treat, especially for the choco lovers! As one of the most universally loved tastes, you can’t say no to this yummy treat. It is one of our most sought after edible shroom products and it’s no surprise why. It’s a yummy way to enjoy an incredible trip.

Types of Shroom Chocolates

Our selection of magic mushroom chocolates is sure to excite chocolate lovers! We have a variety of products available so you can get your dose through a tasty treat.

You can buy chocolate bars from our website and they are available in different flavors such as dark chocolate and cookies & cream. Aside from chocolate bars, you can also get your serving of shroom chocolates in candy form, such as the chocolate bunny or chocolate unicorns.

The chocolate candies are available in bite-size pieces to make it easier to get your dose. The chocolate bars are available from 1500 mg to 5000 mg so you can keep them on standby when you need to get your dose.

It’s no secret that there are plenty of benefits that you can enjoy with our magic mushroom chocolates. But shroom chocolates are even more fascinating because magic mushrooms and cacao (the main ingredient for making chocolates) have been used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes for centuries. 

These are the current medicinal uses for these shrooms: 

  • It is currently being examined for use as a treatment against anxiety and depression. The presence of an active compound known as psilocybin is linked to reversing the symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. Moreover, the addition of cacao is known to provide mood-enhancing benefits to combat the chemical compounds responsible for depression.
  • It is also being evaluated as a treatment for smoking cessation. Smoking and other forms of substance addiction are linked to the brain. With the use of active compounds found in both magic mushrooms and cacao, it helps to rewire the brain to eliminate the desire for smoking cigarettes and other addictive substances. 
  • Although the research studies are still in their infancy, magic mushroom chocolates are also being evaluated for the treatment of arthritis and other physical ailments, particularly rheumatoid arthritis.

Shroombudz only sells high-quality, classic and novel mushrooms. We’re ecstatic to be able to share our passion for magical mushrooms with those who share our excitement. As a result, we’re here to help you sort through our product offerings.

Furthermore, we offer the finest value for money. In Chicoutimi, Quebec, our pricing are the most affordable. For the best deals, our beginning sampler bundles are also available at a 45 percent discount.

Each order is wrapped with great care and attention to ensure secrecy. By delivering a pleasant shopping experience, Shroombudz strives to be your go-to source for Magic Mushrooms in Chicoutimi, Quebec.

Because we want to give you variety in terms of how you can ingest your magic mushrooms! With our Shroom Chocolates, you can enjoy a tasty treat while getting your trip on. We have a team of experts that can accurately vet the best products for you to use depending on your desired effect and level of experience.

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