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Origin: Mexican magic mushrooms, also known as Psilocybe Mexicana, was first used over 2,000 years ago by the Aztecs in sacred, spiritual rituals.

Potency: This shroom has a reputation for being the “beginner’s choice” because it has a gentler impact and a short trip that peaks quickly.

Effects: Most users report a warm, joyful, euphoric experience on Mexican magic mushrooms with fun visual hallucinations.

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What Do Mexican Magic Mushrooms Look Like?

These shrooms are on the smaller side with thin white stems and golden-to-orange bell-shaped caps. On average, the stems sit at around 7-inches long, while the caps are typically about 2 to 5 inches around. The spores are quite dark, and they tend to grow in clusters.

Mexican Magic Mushrooms are also well known for their chameleon-like growth, as they vary a bit in appearance based on their growing medium. The coloration and stem-to-cap ratio, in particular, are affected.

Some people eat them plain, while others ingest them in tea. Ingesting mushrooms in tea is best for people who get nauseous chewing the mushrooms or don’t like their taste.

What Are the Benefits of Mexican Magic Mushrooms?

If you are interested in exploring mushrooms but don’t know where to start, Mexican Magic Mushrooms are a great option. This shroom has a reputation for being the beginner’s choice because it has a gentler impact and a short trip that peaks quickly.

Most users report a warm, joyful, euphoric experience on Mexican Magic Mushrooms with fun visual hallucinations. If you begin with a 5-gram dose, you’ll start noticing effects after just 15 minutes and peak within two hours.

What Are the Effects of Mexican Magic Mushrooms?

Every experience is different, and everyone reacts differently as a result of things such as body type, gender, metabolism, and lifestyle. Never take more than the recommended dose, don’t mix substances, drink lots of water, and have a sober friend with you in case you need assistance.

Most users experience euphoria, peacefulness, spiritual awakening, increased creativity, and relief from depression. At higher doses, hallucinations are common so choose your dosage with care. Just .05 grams is enough for mild effects, though 5 to 7 grams is recommended for a full effect.

If you are more experienced with taking shrooms or are just looking to have a more severe effect, you may ingest 10 to 15 grams. If you are not having a good trip and want to stop the experience, have some orange juice nearby to drink as it can help reduce the effects. 

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5 reviews for Mexicana

  1. Josh

    I’m an Aztec!!

  2. Milo

    Those was fun. For me is as strong as golden teacher. Will order again.

  3. Chuck

    Bought these for the first time from this website and am I ever glad i did! I hadn’t heard of this strain before so i
    I gave it a try and I was quite surprised. I took 1g and had a beautiful color enhancement and a feeling of connectiveness I would expect from 2g of other shrooms. I cant think of a bad thing to say about these, the potency is great and it shipped real quick

  4. Emma

    Definitely what I was looking for, connection with myself and perhaps the spiritual dimension

  5. Manny

    My first time doing mushrooms I picked these guys. Did 2g and it was so chill, had some visuals but nothing over stimulating, lasted 6 hours. 10/10 product.

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