Avery Albino

Avery Albino

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Origin: Avery Albino is like buried treasure: highly valued but hard to find. Because Avery Albino is a rare hybrid, it hasn’t been enjoyed as much as some other strains in the market but highly sought after by many.

Potency: Aficionados love this stark white mushroom for its fast-hitting, powerful trip. For beginners, we recommend other lower potency strains.

Effects: Users with an eye for art or an ear for music have reported that these magic mushrooms are especially potent when it comes to making anything creative feel more vivid and personal.


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What Does Avery Albino Look Like?

As its name suggests, Avery Albino is most noticeable for its striking pale color. Unlike other magic mushrooms with albino in their name, the hybrid Avery Albino is a true genetic albino—even the spores are white. In fact, it can be hard to detect and collect white spores against the white body of an Avery Albino mushroom. This difficulty in seeing the spores is part of the reason Avery Albino is so difficult to cultivate in very large amounts.

Users can also look past the coloration to the mushrooms’ stems and caps to identify Avery Albinos. They can be recognized by their solid stems. The caps are generally thicker than average as well, even though the mushrooms are not very tall.


What are the Benefits of Avery Albino?

Avery Albino is versatile enough to take in small doses, but it’s also a good choice for a special occasion.

Make sure you’re ready to take a trip before ingesting Avery Albino. Some users report effects in as little as ten minutes, but don’t get anxious if it takes twice as long—or even a little longer—for you. When Avery Albino’s effects take hold, it packs a wallop. It might not be the strongest of the magic mushrooms, but it’s definitely potent.

You may try a smaller dose of 0.5 to 1.5 grams if you’d like to enjoy the heightened sensitivity in public without attracting attention. For a more complete trip, try 2 to 3.5 grams. Either way, you can expect effects to last between three and six hours.


What are the Effects of Avery Albino?

One of the most special effects of Avery Albino is a heightened enjoyment of music and visual art. In addition to the feeling of general euphoria, users report that songs feel more personal, and works of art are more stimulating

However, Avery Albinos at their heart are good all-around magic mushrooms with effects that can last an entire afternoon or evening, even at a relatively lower dose. Users experience a full-body physical high and an excited yet introspective mental high. All their surroundings seem to breathe with life and possibility.

Users also experience visual enhancements. They are usually mild at low dosages but become vivid and intense at higher dosages.


  1. Shrooms have been helping me with my anxiety a lot. Especially the Avery Albino. I tired a few strains but I like Albino the best. I take about a gram in my tea after work and helps unwind and enjoy my down time

  2. I started getting anxious and semi depressed when the covid lockdowns began. Micro dosing shrooms really helped me so much and also I was an occasional coke user ( weekend warrior ) but since started micro dosing, I don’t get that itch anymore. I definitely recommend magic shrooms or mdma for ppl with similar symptoms to mine.

  3. These are by far one of my favorite strains

  4. had a very healing trip with these, my heart is full thank you

  5. 1 of the most exotic strains I’ve tried so far. shroombudz never disappoints with the quality of mushrooms and their strain variety!

  6. Strong AF!

  7. Had a very healing trip with these. My heart is full thank you!

  8. I agreed with the description. I took roughly 3.5g and the body-high and the visuals were intense. I would try them again

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