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Alice in Wonderland – Shroom Chocolates

Alice in Wonderland – Shroom Chocolates

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Mushroom Chocolates by Alice are a delicious way to enjoy a psychedelic trip without forcing down unpalatable fungi. Psychonauts have enjoyed edible candy shrooms for years, and as they’ve grown more popular and accessible, Mushroom Chocolates by Alice has crafted a line of sweets sure to delight your taste buds as you take a trip to Wonderland.

Treat yourself to a milk chocolate bunny with the psilocybin you would ingest from eating a magic mushroom or brewing shroom tea.

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What Do Mushroom Chocolates by Alice Look Like?

These chocolate sweets are often sold in packs with multiple candies in the shape of a bunny. You can recognize the package by its drawing of Alice from Alice in Wonderland, promising you a psychedelic trip you won’t forget.

You’ll love the taste of sweet chocolate—it’s a far cry from the woody taste of pure mushroom. However, Alice packs her candy with the best part of the magic mushroom. These candies contain psilocybin from Golden Teacher, a variety long beloved by veteran psychonauts and a good introduction for novices.

Each piece of chocolate contains a half-gram dose of psilocybin, the molecule responsible for sending you on a trip. That’s a good starting dose for a visit to Wonderland that can last up to six hours.


What are the Benefits of Mushroom Chocolates by Alice?

Mushroom Chocolates by Alice contain psilocybin from Golden Teacher magic mushrooms. Golden Teachers grow naturally around the world and have long been enjoyed for their psychedelic effects. They’re so popular because they induce a mellow trip that many users have compared to a spiritual experience.

Golden Teacher magic mushrooms have been called shamanistic for their ability to connect the user back to the natural world. A trip can be a thoroughly introspective experience, and many have said they feel emotionally healed after ingesting Golden Teacher.

Taking an edible shroom means you’ll enjoy all the benefits of psilocybin without needing to choke down an actual dried mushroom. Instead, you’ll luxuriate in the flavors from delicious ingredients like cocoa butter, chocolate, and vanilla bean seeds.


What are the Effects of Mushroom Chocolates by Alice?

You’ll first experience the psilocybin from Golden Teacher magic mushrooms as a wave of euphoria and positive emotions. Mushroom Chocolates by Alice are best enjoyed in a group setting, so you can share in the infectious laughter that comes from psychedelic joy.

The hallucinogenic effects from Golden Teacher psilocybin will peak between the first and second hour of your trip. During this time, users often see fractals and visions of other shapes and objects. Your perception can change, and you may also feel more alert and less hungry. 

Psychonauts should wait an hour after their first dose to decide if they would like to consume any more. A trip can last anywhere between two and six hours, with some effects lingering as long as eight hours.

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  1. A friend and I ate these and it was an amazing night

  2. Alice caressed me so invigortatingly and brought me on a great trip!

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