What to Do on Shrooms

What to Do While High on Shrooms

What are the things to do on shrooms? This is a common question often asked by those who are new to using shrooms and are about to experience their first trip. Just because you are in space mode does not mean that you cannot make the most of this time. There are fun and memorable things that you can engage in so that this experience will have more impact. 

If you find yourself doing the same things over and over again, then you have come to the right place. There are a variety of creative and stimulating activities that you can do on your own or with a group of friends

1. Watch a Movie

And not just any movie, go for ones that are shroom-inspired! Watching a movie while you are high on shrooms is a completely new yet profound experience. It can captivate your senses and stimulate your mind in a way that you never thought possible. 

When you are high on shrooms, your movie-watching experience has more impact on you. Interestingly, there is a wide array of options when it comes to psychedelic cinema. You can go for more mainstream movies like Doctor Strange, Alice in Wonderland, Interstellar, and Labyrinth. There are also a few animated films to add to your watch-list while on shrooms such as Fantasia, Yellow Submarine, and Loving Vincent. 

On the flip side, avoid watching horror movies while on a high from shrooms. You can go for a film that suits your setting and your mood for the day. There are plenty of films to choose from so don’t forget to explore your options – and keep an open mind!

2. Paint or Write

A lot of shroom users who are on a trip note how they tend to unleash their creativity. If this applies to you, take advantage of that creative potential to do something productive such as write or paint. The psychedelic experience opens up your thoughts and your mind, which heightens your level of creativity since you can see things from a new perspective. 

Whatever it is you enjoy doing creatively, now is the best time to do it. You can get a lot of inspiration to be able to create the perfect art form. You might even produce your masterpiece!

3. Get Stretching

Aside from stimulating your mental health and brain activity, it is also a good idea to engage in physical activities when you are on a trip. In fact, it is something that expert shroom users recommend.

It is a good habit to stretch your muscles when you are under high from mushrooms. This will release any tension in your muscles and the rest of your body. It makes you feel less stiff and for your body to be realigned. As a result, you can improve posture and improve breathing. 

The best part about stretching while on a trip is that you can do it anywhere! 


4. Go Camping

A lot of people would never think about camping while on a trip. However, there are lots of safe and convenient ways to camp these days so fear for your safety should be the least of your concerns. It is a recommended outlet for those who enjoy being outdoors. 

It is important to note that camping while under psychedelic high is something that you should never do alone. Make sure there is someone to “trip sit” you to ensure your safety. It is also important to engage in outdoor activities that are fit based on the intensity of your trip. 

Trying something new while on a psychedelic trip isn’t something that you should do.

5. Engaging in Heartfelt Conversations

When you are on a psychedelic trip, you become more introspective and you see things from a fresh perspective. This is one of the best things to do when you are on a high. 

As humans, you are inclined to socialize and connect. There is no better way to do that than to engage in heartfelt conversations. Use this opportunity to get to know your friends on a deeper level and to connect with them in ways that you never imagined. Just let the conversation flow naturally.

There you have it – the best things to do on shrooms when you are on a high! Choose an activity that is best suited to your experience level with the use of shrooms and the intensity of your trip.

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